Vintage clothes for hellraisers (and hearts of gold).

Hey there, I’m Amanda, curator, stylist, and creative mind behind Rebel Riot Vintage. I consider myself somewhat of a Renaissance Woman but reselling clothes has been part of my life for over 15 years.

My goal is to stock the RRV shop with special pieces you can’t find anywhere else, and quality older clothes that reflect current trends. Size inclusivity is also important to me, even as it can be a challenge to find retro clothes in larger sizes: I accept that challenge and also provide a beautiful assortment of shoes and accessories that can jazz up your look regardless of size.

I love the sustainable nature of vintage as well as the thrill of the hunt. While it’s never a guarantee in a tumultuous world where many of us struggle just to get out of bed, I think getting dressed up can bring a little bit of joy and energy into your day even when you’re feeling joyless and exhausted. And doing it in a way that honors our planet, history, and a small business is even better.

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